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Close Up Magician


How & Where to Find the Best Magician for Your Next Event
A close up magician can make any gathering more exciting, unpredictable and memorable. But since not all magicians are made equal, you have to make sure you hire the right talent.
Whether you’re an event planner, a business owner, trade show organizer, or anyone tasked with planning an unforgettable event, you know how much is at stake when hiring entertainment of any kind. One bad performer can quickly sour an otherwise great event, and leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.
  • -Have you struggled to find a truly unique performer that wows your guests and adds value to your event?
  • -Have you been burned in the past by talentless entertainment?
  • -Do you need a performer who will dazzle everyone in attendance, whether it’s customers, employees, prospective clients or senior management?
  • -Are you worried that hiring the wrong person could reflect badly on you, your event or your reputation?

You’re not alone.
In Southern California and Nevada, many businesses and event planners are constantly looking for new, creative talent that people haven’t seen before.
This is where a skilled close up magician can really shine, turning an ordinary event into the extraordinary.

Close Up Magician Performing With A Flame Near Two Women

What is a close up magician?

A close up magician performs in intimate social gatherings – up close, within just a few inches of the people in attendance. This is different from stage magic, which is performed on stage in front of a large seated audience.
Close up magic is best suited for gatherings at which guests mingle and interact. This could be a reception, cocktail hour, a trade show booth, a holiday party or virtually any other event.

Why close up magic?

A magician is nothing like conventional entertainment, like a musical band or a comedian. A skilled magician can amaze an audience and leave a lasting impression in ways that no other performer can.
Close up magic can:

  • -Be a great icebreaker for small gatherings, making people feel more at ease.
  • -Add an element of surprise to your event.
  • -Create an extraordinary experience that your guests will never forget.
  • -Carefully integrate a message to reinforce your brand or business.
  • -Create a buzz among guests, customers or clients – which they’ll still be talking about weeks later!

Remember, this form of magic happens right in front of people – right before their eyes. When the magic is good, it can be almost dream-like, leaving guests absolutely astonished.

How to choose a close up magician

When it comes to close up magic, talent is everything. To make your event a success, you need a skilled magician who can impress the audience with more than just “tricks.”
Here’s what to look for:
– World-Class Magic
Don’t settle for a magician who performs the same tricks you’ve seen hundreds of times before. Hire a professional who raises the bar creatively, pushes the limits and exhibits a level of sophistication in his work.
– Charisma
When hiring someone who will be mingling with your most important guests, you need to make sure they handle themselves professionally. Look for someone who not only has good communication skills, but also charisma – someone who will wow your guests with their personality, in addition to their magic.
– Experience & Track Record
What’s a good way to determine how good a magician is? Ask for a list of their previous clients and venues where they performed. An extensive track record is often a good sign that the magician is highly sought after.
Close Up Magician Performing For Small Group

Southern California’s Top Close Up Magician

If you’re searching for a world-class magician for your next social gathering, let Rodney Reyes dazzle your guests like no other performer.
Called “a rising star” by San Diego Magazine and “charismatic, funny and totally amazing” by the North County Times, Rodney Reyes has performed for Fortune 500 companies, top CEOs, Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas.
As a skilled close up magician, Rodney blends an elegant style of magic with an edge of sophistication, leaving his audience in awe every time. He has performed in front of stars like Meg Ryan and Neil Patrick Harris, and has dazzled countless audiences for businesses throughout Southern California and Nevada.
Book Rodney as your close up magician for your next event and make this year’s event one they’ll never forget!