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Best Corporate Entertainment in Southern California & Nevada


How to Make Your Next Event Unforgettable

Finding good corporate entertainment in Southern California and Nevada can be a lot harder than you’d think.
While there are plenty of talented performers in the Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas market, it can be difficult to find talent that’s a good fit for corporate crowds. A performer or group that is inexperienced at performing in front of executives, clients or employees can easily turn a great event into a disaster.

What happens when you hire bad talent for your corporate events?

-Your event will be completely forgettable and will fail to make an impact on the people you’re hoping to impress.
-Bad performers can easily ruin an entire event, potentially hurting your image and brand reputation.
-If the performer is too outrageous or unpredictable, your clients or senior management could be seriously offended or annoyed.

This is why it’s critical to carefully search for your corporate entertainment, regardless of what type of event you’re planning. By taking the time to find a skilled, talented performer, you can be sure that your next event will wow the audience.
Corporate Entertainment Magician Performs For Seated Audience

What makes good corporate entertainment?

Hiring entertainment is a great way to make any corporate event more fun, exciting and memorable, including:

– Sales meetings
– Holiday parties
– Hospitality suites
– Trade shows
– Nearly any other event for clients, executives or employees

Good corporate entertainment can be very powerful. Beyond just making an event more fun, it shows your audience that you’ve put extra thought and effort into making them enjoy themselves. It adds value to the event and to your company.
With the right type of performer, you can impress clients, increasing loyalty to your business. You can also increase loyalty among your employees, while also entertaining corporate management. The more memorable your event, the bigger impact it makes.

Why consider magic for corporate entertainment?

Unlike other types of performances, magic gives people a sense of wonder. It’s doesn’t matter whether people “believe” or not – it’s not about that. It’s about giving them an amazing experience and leaving them wondering, “how did he do that!”
Good magic can leave an impression on people that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Unlike conventional acts, such as musicians or stand-up comedians, a skilled magician can win over a crowd regardless of the audience’s “tastes.”
In other words, not everyone will enjoy the music of the band you hire. But a good magician will leave the entire room amazed. That’s what makes magic such a great fit for corporate events of all kinds.
Corporate Entertainment Magician Performs For Dining Audience

Discover the magic of Rodney Reyes for your next event

If you’re looking to add a wow factor to your next corporate event, then it’s time to discover the magic of world-class performer Rodney Reyes.
Rodney has raised the bar in corporate entertainment, performing jaw-dropping, up-close magic and stage magic for Fortune 500 companies, top CEOs and celebrities throughout Southern California and Las Vegas.
No matter what event you’re planning, from the meeting room to the convention center, Rodney will customize a one-of-a-kind program for your event that your audience will not forget. Rodney has been called “charismatic, funny and totally amazing” by the North County Times. Celebrities like Juliette Lewis have called his work “absolutely mind-blowing.”
Rodney’s extensive experience with corporate crowds makes him a perfect fit in nearly any setting. Beyond the magic itself, he knows how to get the attention of his audience, dazzle senior management and even tie your brand into the performance.
Inquire about booking corporate entertainment from Rodney Reyes to bring his incredible magic and charisma to your next event!