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How to Add WOW Factor to Your Corporate Events

Hiring a corporate magician is a great way to turn an ordinary corporate event into something truly extraordinary.
But with so much at stake when planning an event for employees, high-profile clients or upper management, you need to be careful about the entertainment you choose.
Hiring the wrong performer can quickly sour an event and result in disastrous consequences…

-An unskilled magician with old, stale tricks could make your event very cheesy.
-Someone who doesn’t know how to handle themselves in front of corporate audiences could potentially offend executives and clients.
-A lackluster, disappointing or simply forgettable event will reflect badly on you and your business.
-If you have important clients at the event, they may think twice about doing business with you in the future.
-Even your employees could be turned off by a poorly planned event, hurting morale and loyalty.

This is why it’s crucial that you hire a skilled, experienced and original corporate magician who will wow your audience and add value to your event.
Corporate Magician Entertaining Seated Crowd

Why choose a corporate magician?

A good corporate magician knows how to engage any audience, whether it’s your coworkers, clients, senior management or your entire organization.
Great magic is more than just entertainment. It’s an experience. When you hire a musical performer for a corporate event, you know that not everyone in the room will be a fan of the music – even if you’ve hired the best band in the world. Everyone has different tastes.
However, a good magician can amaze everyone in attendance. Mind-boggling magic will have everyone talking about the event for days or even weeks.
A skilled magician can easily…

-Add an element of surprise and energy to sales meetings
-Impress clients at VIP dinners
-Break the ice at intimate company gatherings
-Make holiday parties much more fun and memorable
-Amaze your prospective customers at tradeshows or at your business
-Make your event one that people will NEVER forget


What makes a good corporate magician?

The magic has to be superb – but that’s only one consideration to make when hiring a skilled magician for corporate functions.
If you’re comparing magicians, here’s what to look for:

-Unique, original magic with a high level of sophistication
-Charming personality
-Ability to effectively capture (and hold) the attention of any audience – up close or on stage
-Great communication skills, especially if the performer will be communicating with VIP guests
-Extensive experience performing for other corporate clients and a wide variety of events

Corporate Magician Demonstrating An Act With Fire

Southern California’s Top Corporate Magician

Known for creating unique, customized performances for some of the largest corporations in the world, Rodney Reyes is one of the most sought-after magicians in Southern California, Nevada and beyond.
Rodney is a world-class close-up magician and stage magician, allowing him to perform for audiences of all sizes, in any environment, from meeting rooms to convention centers. His charismatic personality and elegant style of magic have dazzled top CEOs and countless organizations throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and all over the United States.
Companies look to Rodney to not only entertain their employees and guests, but also give them an experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.
As a corporate magician, Rodney works with you to create a customized program for your needs – no two performances are exactly the same. As the wish of his clients, he can also implement his “Brand Magic” approach, elegantly integrating your brand messaging into his magic.

Contact Rodey Reyes today to bring his unique style of magic to your next corporate event.