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How to Find the Best Magicians for Hire

Finding good magicians for hire can be surprisingly difficult – even in Southern California, where there often seems to be an endless supply of performers.
If you’ve ever hired talent for an event in the past, then you know that not all performers are as skilled as others. Regardless of which type of entertainment you need, it can be a time-consuming and frustrating process to “weed out” the duds and find a truly great act.
When it comes to magic, finding this top talent is even more crucial.
Hiring an inexperienced or untrained magician can have disastrous consequences:

-Bad magic tricks come off as being cheesy, making an entire event or show look unprofessional.
-If you’re searching for magicians for hire for a corporate function, a bad performer could leave a bad taste in the mouths of your clients, staff or executives.
-If you’re hiring a magician for a restaurant, nightclub or other business, then an unskilled performer could be a turnoff to your customers and hurt your reputation.
-Someone without good communication skills or charisma could easily offend your guests.

No matter what type of event or show you’re planning, there is a lot at stake.
The good news is: finding a world-class magician isn’t that hard when you know what to look for. By using a basic list of characteristics to look for, you can easily hire a talented performer who will make your event one of a kind.
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What Makes the Best Magicians for Hire?


What separates a cheesy or unqualified magician from the best performers in the world? Here are some key traits to look for as you begin comparing your options.
Unique, creative, mind-blowing magic

A magic trick is only as good as the magician who performs it. But you need more than just “tricks” – you need a talented performer who will give your guests an experience unlike anything they’ve ever witnessed before.
As you compare magicians for hire, look for performers who take magic in unique directions, pushing the limits of the imagination and offering a truly different performance that you’ve never seen before. Don’t get stuck with a magician who performs the same old tricks everyone has seen a million times already!

Demonstrated skill & ability

Unique magic is the first consideration to make – but how well is it performed? In other words: any magician can perform a different type of trick that you haven’t seen before. But if the trick doesn’t work, then what’s the point?
Request a demonstration of the magician’s performance, even if it’s only a short sample. This will give you a clear view of their ability, so you can determine if they are a good fit for your needs. Remember: if you aren’t wowed, then your audience won’t be either.

Energetic & charismatic personality

You don’t want to end up with a magician who looks like he’s half-asleep and would rather be somewhere else. Instead, he should be the life of the party – someone who engages your audience, talks to them and charms them with their personality, not just their magic.
Not all magicians for hire are great with people – which is why you need to compare your options carefully. The best magicians have the charisma to woo everyone in the room.

Magicians For Hire > Rodney Reyes Performing For An Audience

One of the Most Sought-After Magicians for Hire Today

If you’re looking for a world-class magician who is known for dazzling crowds all over the world, then discover the magic of Rodney Reyes.
Considered one of the top close-up magicians for hire in South California, Rodney Reyes has performed for Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and corporate events throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Nevada, and beyond.
His magic has been called “devilishly baffling” by the San Diego CityBeat. The North County Times called Rodney “charismatic, funny, and totally amazing!”
Contact Rodney Reyes today to see why his unique, non-traditional magic is consistently sought-after for corporate events, trade shows, VIP events, television and other acts.