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Get more out of your upcoming holiday parties, sales meetings, hospitality suites, and other corporate entertainment events. Show your clients and employees how important they are to you and make this year’s event one they’ll never forget with magicians for hire!

Rodney will work with you to customize a program for your next event. From the meeting room to the convention center, Rodney, a world class trade show magician will add value and give you the edge. You’ll see why companies throughout the country look to Rodney to impress high-profile clients, dazzle employees and entertain senior management.


Brand magic, is not a belief but a level of science that really works, time and time again! Rodney works to embed your message in to your clients while keeping them highly entertained!

Rodney aims to create memorable marketing solutions for companies looking to give their customers an interactive experience that will not only entertain, but reinforce their brands. His approach is called “Brand Magic” – when he performs, so does your brand. Each presentation is designed to make your brand the star of the show. Rodney’s  close up magician work is non-traditional, and each client’s solution is unique.


Imagine the experience of a mysterious stranger walking up to your guest and baffling them unexpectedly, leaving your audience with having experienced something truly unique and different.

Rodney continues to perform for the hottest clubs, premiere restaurants and private engagements around the world.
All VIP engagements are different, Rodney will work with you to adapt the show to your specific needs. He knows what it takes to make your Celebration truly memorable and stand out from the rest!


Rodney Reyes is a widely sought after consultant, both for magicians, for television and corporate projects which wish to use theatrical magic, or to better understand the uses of magic. For years Rodney has consulted some of the top magicians in the industry, from TV to live shows.

Rodney takes a creative solutions with corporations who want unique solutions for the live events during a product launch or a live show.
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Need to hire another unique act for your event? Through the years of performing Rodney has connected with some of the top variety act performers in the world. From jugglers, clowns to tight rope artist or flair bartenders, no shortage of the right performer for your event!

Email Rodney for a list of variety artist from his personal network.

“I find the smallest miracles, the most memorable. Imagine this, I ask to borrow YOUR dollar bill, I then visibly transform the bill from a five to a twenty-dollar bill. The moment of astonishment happens inches from your eyes and without any hesitation, I hand the bill back to you.”

Close-up magic is one of the most intimate forms of magic and a great icebreaker in any social gathering. Rodney creates a blend of an elegant style of magic with a cutting edge of sophistication. Watch Rodney borrow everyday objects some borrowed or some laying around the table, yet Rodney takes the ordinary and makes it completely extraordinary! The experience parallels between pushing a dream like experience while giving you the feeling of pure euphoria. This is your moment to witness true miracles…live!
This type of performance is best suited to receptions, cocktail hours and events at which guests mingle and interact. His performance can be customized by integrating performance and the clients message.

“I never really like ruining a surprise but my act is between what is real and what is not. I might vanish, I may not. I utilize words that seem faint at heart but transcend a deeper message in to your psyche. You sit as a witness and all of a sudden become a participant. My show is a mix of a fun and energetic roller-coaster of emotions which maintains an air of mystery.”

Rodney Reyes delivers a high paced stage performance combined with sharp humor, visual magic and startling revelations.
You never know what to expect, in one moment your personal belongings might vanish and reappear in the most unexpected place, in another, a members of your family might become part of the show as well. (Even if they’re not attending. Even if they’re at home. Even if they’re in a different country!)
Every member of the audience becomes involved in one way or another, yet not a single volunteer is ever made to feel uncomfortable. Quite the opposite: Rodney’s relationship with his audience often proves to be the most magical element of his show, as he turns his volunteers into stars for the night.
Rodney customizes his show to suit an audience of any size, regardless of venue. The show’s length varies accordingly.

Make your event unforgettable with
the Magic of Rodney Reyes!

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