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Trade Show Magician


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How to wow your customers & clients with a skilled close-up magician

A skilled trade show magician can turn an ordinary promotional event into an experience that your prospective customers will remember for years to come.
But since not all magicians offer the same level of skill and sophistication, you need to make sure you compare your options carefully before hiring a performer.
If you have experience planning trade show events, either as a business or the host of the show, then you know how difficult it can be to engage the crowd.

-Tradeshow visitors get bored easily and walk right past booths that don’t grab their attention.
-If you don’t attract visitors to your booth, the show becomes a complete waste of your business’s time and money.
-A simple brochure handout or TV screen isn’t enough to capture people’s attention these days.
-Unless you offer something truly unique, then most people will not remember you or your brand.
-If you hire a bad performer, it could actually hurt your company’s image and damage your reputation.

With so much on the line – and so much opportunity – it’s crucial that you find a skilled performer who not only grabs the attention of your audience, but also adds value to your products and your brand.
Trade Show Magician with Cards Overlooking Downtown San Diego

Why consider a trade show magician?

If you’ve ever seen the work of a masterful trade show magician, then you know how powerful they can be – especially at a promotional event or a product launch, at which image is everything.
Other types of performers just don’t compare…

-Rock bands and other music ultimately just add to the ambiance. They don’t truly engage an audience. And, because people have different tastes, many people may not like the music you select.
-DJs, like music bands, might help lift the energy levels. But even the most talented DJ will not impress customers enough to influence their purchasing decisions.
-Comedians often come off as being cheesy. And when they try to integrate your brand into their performance, it feels forced. Plus, not everyone has the same sense of humor.

Good magic, on the other hand, has the power to mystify anyone in the audience. Performed up close – right before people’s eyes – magic can boggle the mind and become dream-like. It transcends a “performance” and becomes an unforgettable experience.
Additionally, a skilled trade show magician can elegantly tie-in your brand, products or services into his performance, without it feeling forced or cheesy. Instead, it’s seamless and memorable. It adds value to your tradeshow booth – and to your brand – while becoming ingrained into their buying decisions.
It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what you sell. A professional trade show magician can make your brand the star of the show.
Trade Show Magician Demonstrating Bending Fork

Hiring a trade show magician

If you’re considering hiring a magician for your promotional event, here are some quick tips to help ensure that you get a skilled performer who will capture the attention of your crowd.

-Ask for videos or a live demonstration of the magic to make sure it is unique, creative and sophisticated enough for your brand.
-Look for someone who has extensive experience performing for other businesses in a variety of different environments.
-Make sure the magician is personable, charismatic and great with people.


Connect with a top-rated trade show magician

As one of the most sought-after magicians in Southern California and Nevada, Rodney Reyes is known as a world-class performer hired by businesses of all sizes.
Having performed for Fortune 500 companies and top CEOs, as well as Hollywood’s biggest stars, Rodney offers a unique, non-traditional style of close-up magic for tradeshows, promotional events and other engagements.
His “Brand Magic” is a memorable, custom marketing solution that skillfully integrates your brand into his work. Rodney collaborates with each client closely to deliver a one-of-a-kind, customized solution every time.
Rodney is known for wowing audiences of all sizes throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and all over the world. From the meeting room to the convention center, his magic has been called “devilishly baffling” while adding value to corporate events and giving businesses the edge they need to stand out.
Book a show now to see how Rodney Reyes’s magic can take your trade show presentation to the next level.